The Challenge

by mish525

The challenge has come to an end.  I must say it was daunting at times; deciding what to write, what to share. Will fellow writers embrace me or will they chalk it up to another first grade teacher looking for something more than sight words and shapes recognition?.  Will I be seen as a forgetful mother who sometimes can’y keep it all together?  I can’t remember the last time I have felt so vulnerable.  

I am so grateful to you all.  You have taken me in and warmed me with your comments.  I have been validated in my writing and feelings.  Isn’t this our human nature?  We all just want to be heard, listened to and told we are okay.  I realize this writing bunch has asked of me what I ask my students.  Take a risk, put it out there, let us all in.  

Although I haven’t met the challenge in that I missed a few days,  I met my personal challenge.  Thank you for inviting me into your lives.