What a Ride

by mish525

My children have led me on a journey I never imagined I would embark.  I am one of those women.  The kind that always knew I would have children.  I imagined at least three, never really cared boy or girl.  I fantasized a husband (sometimes) with a house and a dog. Birthday parties, soccer games, school plays, going to the park, first steps, first words…

Here I am, a husband, two boys, dogs which have since passed and living in a rental unit until “THE HOUSE” is built.  

Here I am, juggling job, doctors, therapists, friends and family.

Here I am, scheduling Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Developmental therapy, Speech therapy.

Here I am, cooking dinner, doing laundry, vacuming, scrubbing, washing dishes.

Here I am, crying baby, whining preschooler, crabby husband.

Here I am, changing diapers, potty training, diaper rash, runny nose.

Here I am, grading papers, writing notes, emailing.

Here I am, Here I am, Here I am…

A journey I never expected, but a ride of a lifetime.