Momentary Lapse of Reason

by mish525

Well, just like last year, I managed to miss the first day of the challenge.  I don’t know why or how, but I can’t remember anything and I have been losing everything including my mind.  I have lost my phone almost every day for the last four days.  I can think of three times this month where I get out of my car, lug the kids out of their car seats and frantically look for my keys in the freezing cold so I can lock the car, only to realize the keys are in the ignition and the car is still running.

I forget medicines, diapers, appointments, grocery lists, and visitors.

Saturday afternoon, I walked out of a store with the cart in tow.  I sidled up to my car, ready to unload my items, when I opened the door and realized someone had stolen my child’s car seat and replaced it with another one!  “Who would do such a thing?  This is crazy!” I thought.  After a few seconds of a momentary lapse of reason, (no, it is not just a Pink Floyd album, it really happens), I discovered I had opened the car door to some stranger’s vehicle.  So I did what any SANE person would do.  I ran like HELL!

Is there a cure for this?  Can someone help me?  My husband thinks I’m flaky.  My kids think I’m funny.  My colleagues think I’m nuts. I think I need HELP.