If the sky is blue…

by mish525

My dad.  He’s one of those guys who does the complete opposite of what you tell him.  If the sky is blue he’ll say it is gray. He likes to argue for the sake of argument.  He is always right.  He always has advice even if unsolicited.  He will talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime.  He can be completely inappropriate and not understand why someone is offended. He always knows the best restaurant, the best store, the best directions, the best deal, the best “guy for the job.”  He loves to surf the web and believes most things he reads on the internet.  He “plays the ponies, football, basketball.”  He enjoys the “one-armed bandit,” blackjack and poker.  He has been known to drive to another state just for a sandwich…a really good sandwich.

My dad.  He has always protected me and kept me safe.  He put food on the table, a roof over my head, and a car to drive. He made sure I attended good schools…great schools.  He took care of our family.  My brother’s addiction, my other brother’s lack of direction, my mother’s illness.

My dad.  He buys a size six for Nolan after I tell him a size 4.  He sends me sign language flashcards for Ryan after I tell him I just bought some.  He calls my husband everyday just to “talk.”  He calls me once a week to argue.

My dad.  I love him.