Hotdogs and Beans

by mish525

After a looong day of work.  I packed up my bagS and slowly made my way down the never ending hallway and out the door to my cold car.  Once in, engine screaming at me “Why? Why do you make me sit in the cold all day?”  I make my way through a dozen texts and voicemails.  Why doesn’t anyone understand I am UNAVAILABLE during the day?  They must think I can make telephone calls in between number bonds and word families.

I proceed to force my car to move and puddle down and around the corner to pick up the two little ones.  Inside I am greeted by my four-year old excited to explain why he was on “yellow” today, “I didn’t have good listening ears mommy.”  “God, I hope the ears repair themselves on the ride home.” is all I can think.  My two-year old finds it humorous when entering his classroom to run away from me.  So ensues a game of “catch me, pin me down, put on my coat and hat, and oh, don’t forget to wipe my nose for the 1,000th time today.”

The drive home is relatively quiet and uneventful except for the wrong turn out of the school and therefore forced to drive  all around town and then sit at a train for 10 minutes.  No, I do NOT know why or how I turned the wrong direction.

Once home and just inside the door, I find my beautiful, loving, caring, nurturing husband waiting for me (he has been home for over an hour).  “What’s for dinner he asks?” ” Um, can I take off my coat and shoes first?” I ASK.  I struggle with my boots, coat, kids’ shoes, coats, my bagS, the kids’ bagS and say, “How about hotdogs and beans?”

Happily, the beautiful, loving, caring, nurturing husband takes the boys down to the basement for a quick scrimmage of hockey.  THANKS.  Fast forward ten minutes, they are all back.  “Did you call?” My husband asks.

“Call who?”

“The bank for our change of address.”

“Was I supposed to do that?



“While we were in the basement.”


So here I sit (for the first time since I arrived home), after three dinners, two baths, some laundry, nighttime kisses, and a dishwasher cycle.  SLICE OF LIFE…would anyone like some hotdogs and beans?