Welcome Back

by mish525

It’s been a while since I have written.  Things have changed as they inevitably do.  We are older, life is busier.  I sit here on this blog, not sure if it will be read ever again and that’s OK.  It’s like I have found an old friend and not quite sure if we will really stay in touch.  Do we still have things in common or have we grown  too far apart?

I never understood a blog or blogging.   Blogging is a platform to share our thoughts with others, rrrriiight??  Do we write for others or ourselves?  I never really know.  Writing can be cathartic but do I really want others to read my thoughts?  Then there is the argument of  “well I must if I am writing them down so why not a blog?!”

It’s not like I start with “Dear Diary, Dear Journal or Dear Blog.”  Would these introductions make it more personal, would that be a signal that my thoughts are for my eyes only?  If you know me, you don’t have to know me well to understand I enjoy conversation (to say the least); healthy and interesting exchanges of words.  I tend to be quick to ask questions and politely (I hope) make an argument for something I strongly believe or support.  SO…why not share my writing if I am so quick to share my voice?

Well, here I am.  I am back.  Maybe I’ll write again tomorrow, maybe next week, but I am here to share.  Read if you like, pass it up if you must.  Here’s to old friends finding each other again.