Math Facts and Mommy Guilt

by mish525

SO yes, it is that time again this year.  A time when I experience sadness through happiness.  A time of reminiscing and celebration.  My oldest…is 7!!!!

Where does the time go?  I stare at him when he is sleeping and think, “how did we make this beautiful creature?  How did this miracle happen?”

Trust me, he is not perfect nor am I.  I hear plenty of “No! and “I don’t want to! or even the occasional “I hate you!”  I also find myself saying things like, “If you don’t… or I am disappointed… or Can you just leave mommy alone for 2 minutes?”  (followed quickly by horrible “mommy guilt.”)

Then there is the pressure of…”teacher mom.”  I not only feel your typical guilt as a mother, but then there is the even more horrible “teacher mommy guilt.”  I admit it.   I’m the mother who forgets it’s “wear your purple shirt” day or turning in those papers by the due date or downloading those oh so important apps to the iPad for math practice.  Do I do enough for him?  Are we reading enough?  Is he writing enough?  Does he know 2+3=5?  Do I leave all my teacher energy in room 8 when I walk out?

The answer is “YES” to ALL of it.  He feels happy.  He feels safe.  He feels loved.  Maybe we don’t read every night or write a journal.  Maybe he doesn’t know ALL his math facts yet.  And yes, I am spent by the time I get home.  It’s OK.  I am his mommy and this is what he loves.  He loves that mommy goes to work every day and teaches her students (even the naughty ones – his words not mine).  He sees both his parents rising to meet their challenges each day.  We are his examples.

So happy birthday to my boy!  Mommy loves you!  Now go read a book and practice your math facts!!!